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Winter Ball Photos cont.

Last night was magical. From the snowfall on arrival, the beautifully transformed studio space, the incredible desserts, to the fun we all had on the dance floor – it was an enchanted evening! I have a feeling this will be the first of many Balls. Here are some of the photos. Enjoy.

Hip Swinging Blues Friday night

Line Dancing class tomorrow night will include a great new Hip Swinging Blues, some Mambo, a Cha Cha, a Waltz and some other favorites. Class is from 7 – 8pm, $10 per person. No partner or experience necessary, just bring your joy of moving to music with a group of people. Check out the videos from previous classes.Line Dance Photo

Friday Night Line Dancing Class

We are Line Dancing again on Friday night. Class is from 7 – 8pm. $10 per person, no experience or partner necessary. Here’s a video from last Fridays class. We are dancing to Mambo No. 5 and doing the Electric Slide to Blake Shelton’s ‘Ready to Roll. Tomorrow we will add a Waltz to our weekly selection of fun dances.

Joy of DancZen – Latin night

The third night of our ‘Joy of DancZen’ workshop is Latin night. We explore basic latin rhythms, get our hips moving and practice some turns from the frame and open positions. Here’s a little preview from our last Joy of DancZen workshop.

Why Line dance?

7 Benefits of Line dancing

June 4, 2013 By 

Line Dancing

Line dancing may surprise you with all it has to offer.

Many people love to line dance. It is fun, good exercise and is a great form of dance all on its own.

BUT, Line dancing can also be a fun way to improve your dance skills.  The same skills learned in line dancing will apply to any form of couple dancing.  Below are 7  benefits of line dancing.

Line Dancing will:

1.  Teach you to dance.  If you can’t dance by yourself, how can you possibly expect to dance with a partner?  Line dancing teaches you to actually move your body.

2. Improve your Balance: teaches you how to maintain your own balance while moving to the beat

3. Help you Find the Beat:  Oh a big one.  Staying on beat (on time) is critical in any dance whether by yourself or with someone else.  Learning to find the beat and timing of any dance is critical before getting with a partner.

4. Teach you basic footwork. Learn how to do triple steps, turns and spins, rocking steps and many other steps that you will use in every form of dance.

5. Improve your confidence.  Helps overcome feeling of having “two left feet”; Offers sense of pride and accomplishment  and improves your coordination.

6. Provide you with a dance outlet whether you have a partner or not.  Today, it seems there is a line dance for just about any song you can think of.  If not, many line dances are timed that they can fit multiple songs providing you many dance opportunities.

7. Provide you a way to practice.  You always hear that practice is necessary to improving your dance but you may not know exactly how to, or what to practice.  Line dances are a perfect structured means to practice dance technique.

And the list goes on and on.  Take advantage of the opportunities to improve  your dance.

Line Dancing at Studio Move






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