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Mindful Movement for Kids

    August 30, 2022

     Contact: Leah Taylor, Director:

    (202) 445-5641


    Mindful Movement 2024 Spring session will start April 22 – May 20!! Session will run for 5 weeks at Studio Move. Please email me if you are interested! Space is limited! Classes are done with parent/caregiver.
    **Waddler Class – Walking – 2yrs Monday @10:30 am
    **Baby Class – 3 months – crawling Monday @12:00 pm
    **Toddler Class – 2.5yrs – 4yrs  Monday @4:00 pm
    $100 for session
    • The Nurturing Pathways® Program is derived from scientific research on the brain-body connection.
    • Movement is the gateway for learning during a child’s first four years because of its positive impact on development and school readiness.
    • The Nurturing Pathways® curriculum is built upon the “Four Legs for Learning;” bonding and attachment, dance concepts, energy coordination patterns, and sensory pathways.  These pillars support the fact that young children need to move to learn and play to grow.
    • The Nurturing Pathways® curriculum targets age appropriate learning and growth encompassing cognitive, physical, sensory and social-emotional development as well as parent education.

    Mindful Movement/Nurturing Pathways for Toddlers (2.5 – 4 years)
    The discovery of ME in relation to others! Laying the foundation for school readiness!
    • Learn to listen with attention
    • Develop body control and coordination

    • Learn folk dances

    • Conquer obstacle courses
    • Learn delayed gratification
    • Develop social skills
    This hour-long class will develop your child’s expressive capabilities, improve their listening skills, foster their social skills, and develop their musicality.  Great fun, music, and movement!

    Mindful Movement/Nurturing Pathways for Waddlers (Walking to 24 months)

    Walking waddlers, watching and working with their world.

    • Enrich your child’s development dancing together
    • Rehearse important movement patterns for brain growth with rhyming exercises
    • Explore movement with props and instruments
    • Watch their movement skills expand
    • Open the door to your child’s movement potential now that they are walking!

    A 45 minute class tailored to the attention span and motor capabilities of a young walker.  During this season of explosive brain development your Waddler will delight in learning new ways to use their body, enjoy balancing activities, and delight in exploring the dance concepts each week.

    Mindful Movement/Nurturing Pathways for Babies (3 months to pre-walking)

    A unique class for you and your baby to explore creative dance.  45 minutes of stretching, stimulating, movement rich play.

    • Enjoy Tummy Time
    • Exercise Baby’s Body
    • Waltz Together
    • Play Instruments
    • Folk Dance
    • Make Shapes
    • Massage Baby

    Bond with your baby and build relationships with other parents while you enjoy 45 minutes of creative dance and 15 minutes of conversational time with parents. The class includes baby rhyming exercises, dance explorations, musical instruments, folk dances, and sensory rich props. Learn throughout class about your baby’s development and take home enriching activities for your baby.



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