231 Northwood Way, Studio B600, Ketchum, ID 83340

Aerial KIDZ (8~11yrs)

    Aerial KIDZ
     is for children between the ages of 8 to 11 years old. 


    Students are required to do Aerial 101 prior to Aerial Kidz.

    8-week Spring session: April 8 ~ May 27 

    AERIAL KIDZ, 8-week Spring session: April 4 ~ May 23. Tuesdays, 3.00pm


    8 week session = $130

    Sibling discount = $100






     What are the benefits of Aerial?

    Strength– the kids use their core (abs and back) muscles throughout the session to arrange their bodies according to instructions.

    Many poses performed inside the hammocks help to develop upper body and hand strength as the child reaches upward and downward to hold onto the hammocks and pull his/herself up activating their upper body.

    Motor planning – Motor planning is the ability to cognitively plan out how you’re going to move your body to complete an activity

    Self-Inhibitory Control – Following instructions requires a lot of listening and watching

    Tactile and proprioceptive input – When the children stretch and push their bodies against the Lycra Hammock, they are receiving tactile and proprioceptive input throughout their entire bodies.  Our largest organ is our skin. So when you engage in an activity that stimulates your entire body, the receptors in your skin are sending a ton of feedback to your brain. This can be calming or alerting; it depends on the child as well as the setting of the activity. Proprioceptive input is also known as deep pressure.  Inside the hammock, your whole body is pressing against the material. And the material is pressing back as you hang against gravity, providing proprioceptive input throughout the entire class.

    The vestibular system – is our sense of movement, contributing to our ability to maintain balance and know where we are in space.  The vestibular system is the only sensory system with direct connections to the cerebellum, and these connections are integral in controlling eye and head movements. It projects to the reticular formation and allows our body to adjust breathing and circulation when the body changes position. It affects our ability to coordinate two sides of the body, maintain attention and organization and maintain postural control.















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