Baby Class with Adult ( 3 months – pre-walking)

    NEW 8 week sessions starting:

    January 25 every Wednesday for 8 weeks –

    BABY CLASS, 3 months – pre-walking

    Contact: Leah Taylor, or

    text message (202) 445-5641



    Nurturing Pathways® for Babies (3 months – pre-walking)pathways-logo1979609_630972603639291_1663362009_n Bon14915585_1153627514707128_7191414293915021603_nd with your baby and build relationships with other parents. The class includes baby rhyming exercises, dance explorations, musical instruments, folk dances, and sensory-rich props. Learn throughout class about your baby’s development and take home enriching activities for you and your baby.

    • Enjoy Tummy Time
    • Exercise Baby’s Body
    • Waltz Together
    • Make Shapes
    • Play Instruments
    • Folk Dance
    • Massage Baby



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