Baby Class with Adult ( 3 months – pre-walking)

Nurturing Pathways® for Babies (3 months – pre-walking)pathways-logo1979609_630972603639291_1663362009_n Bon14915585_1153627514707128_7191414293915021603_nd with your baby and build relationships with other parents. The class includes baby rhyming exercises, dance explorations, musical instruments, folk dances, and sensory rich props. Learn throughout class about your baby’s development and take home enriching activities for you and your baby.

  • Enjoy Tummy Time
  • Exercise Baby’s Body
  • Waltz Together
  • Make Shapes
  • Play Instruments
  • Folk Dance
  • Massage Baby                       Screen-Shot-2011-12-27-at-5.13.03-PM



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