Private Dance Lessons


    Private Dance Lessons


    Consider Private Dance Lessons when our workshop schedule does not work with yours, or if you prefer learning at your own pace. Private lessons are customized to our clients ability and desired outcome. Private lessons are 60 minutes.

    We recommend a package of six 1 hour lessons $600/$500*

    Single or Couple $120/hr
    Workshop Graduate* $ 100/hr


    * for couples who have taken a workshop within the past 2 years



    SHARED PRIVATE LESSONS ( 2 – 3 couples)

    Dale & Mimi on floor #3

    If you want to keep dancing after our workshops, learn specific moves or just share the joy of dancing with your friends consider scheduling a Shared Private Lesson.
    Shared Private lessons are 60 minutes.
    $ 80  per couple  /   $70 per couple for workshop graduates*

    * for couples who have taken a workshop within the past 2 years



    If you would like to take one of our workshops, on your schedule, consider doing a Small Group Workshop. You organize a group of your friends, on your schedule and have fun learning at your own space. A great way to share and enjoy the company of friends. Weekdays or Weekends, whichever works best for you. Choose  Swing, Swingin’ Blues, Tango/Blues Fusion, Fundamentals etc. We will tailor the workshop to your needs and desired outcome.

    4 –  90 min. lessons (over a 1-2 week period)
    $ 180 per couple/$90 per person   
    For larger groups please contact Peggy
    Call Peggy 208 720-3350 or email


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