Line DancZen

    LINE DANCZEN PATTERNS & STYLING – 6:30 – 7:00pm/$5* pp. We offer a 30 min. Beginner Class for those new to Line Dancing, and for those who like to refine their movement & footwork  In this class we’ll do basic Line Dance Steps and link patterns: Basics,Vines, Slides, Shuffle Steps, Scissors, Weaves etc. along with common patterns ie. Jazz Box in to a weave, weave & scissor steps etc..  Come learn these patterns and once you are comfortable with them add some of your own flair to your dance.

    LINE DANCZEN CLASS  is held from 7 – 8pm/$10* pp. We first walk through the steps without music, then we dance to the music. We choose Line Dances that are easy to learn and can be danced to a variety of music: Contemporary Pop, Soul, R&B, Swing, Latin & Country.  Line dancing is a great way to find your groove on the dance floor, to practice the 3 R’s of partner dancing – Rhythm, Repetition & Reflection, or just come to share your joy of moving to music with others. No partner or experience needed.
    ​* cash or check only, we do not accept credit cards, thank you.

    For Tutorials of many of the Line Dances we do visit our website

    If you have any questions please contact Peggy or 208 720-3350


    Celebrating 2 years of Line Dancing at Studio Move

    Celebrating 2 years of Line Dancing at Studio Move

    2016 Halloween Party

    Friday Line DancZen Class

    Peggy teaching Line Dancing at the SV Jazz Festival


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