01/16/2019 - 03/09/2019
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    Studio MOVE, Ketchum



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    Ticket Type Price Spaces
    New student Baby Saturday $135.00
    New student Toddler Class-Thursdays $135.00
    New student Waddler Saturday $135.00
    New student Waddler Wednesdays $135.00
    Return Student Baby Saturday $105.00
    Return Student Toddler Thursday $105.00
    Return Student Waddler Saturday $105.00
    Return Student Waddler Wednesday $105.00

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    I agree to the participation in the Aerial Kidz, Mindful Movement for Kids® Program for my child(ren). I am aware that the activities of aerial classes and creative movement involve risk of injury and freely assume those risks for my child(ren). I hereby release Mindful Movement for Kids® or Studio MOVE Ketchum from any legal liability and agree not to sue its owner for any and all injuries caused by participation in the class.

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