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    With over 20 years of social dancing experience Dale & Peggy Bates know how to spread the Joy of Dancing Together. Specializing in dance lessons for ‘guys who hate dance lessons’ they offer a series of creative and fun dance workshops, social dance evenings, line dancing, as well as private dance lessons and custom Wedding Dance Packages. Seasoned dancers or those who feel they have two left feet leave with more confidence, a new sense of enjoyment and new moves.


    For more information please visit our website www.danczensv.com

    “Fundamentals of Dance” with Dale & Peggy Bates.


    We thoroughly enjoyed your Fun-damantals dance class, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to dance. You presented excellent, well-planned classes that were easy to follow and lots of fun. Compared with a few other lessons we’ve taken, yours were by far the best. You guys rock!
    – Steve and Susan

    Two great instructors, one fun time for every couple! And you learn new steps and new dances.
    – Warren Benjamin

    Dale and Peggy have developed an easy, simple, and fun system of teaching the dancing basics so folks can get up and partner dance remarkably quickly and smoothly. We noticed huge improvement right away and highly recommend their classes to all.
    – Kate Woods

    Having taken two workshops I now have the confidence and skill to feel comfortable and to be a supportive partner on just about any dance floor be it Ballroom, Western Swing, Latin or Jazz. These classes have greatly improved my basic dance skills and most importantly given me a clear understanding of my role as the leader.
    – John Caccia

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